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Wednesday Jun 10, 2020

"Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Africa". This is the first book providing a detailed overview of the law and practice in relation to intellectual property rights enforcement in all 54 African countries. For the first time, a comprehensive manual on the conditions and procedures under which the civil and criminal courts, the police and customs take action with regard to counterfeit and pirated goods is publicly available.

Friday Apr 17, 2020

In this podcast Isaac speaks to us about COVID life in Kenya. How people are finding it challenging to shift work productivity when they are used to it working another way but at the same time are taking a turn to the arts such as cooking and poetry. "Develop your artistic side", he says. 

Friday Apr 17, 2020

In this podcast, Dr. Chijioke explains what it is like to be locked down in Nigeria. She chats about her own personal experiences and how the creative industry is coping with COVID. She also shares her own tips about how to cope with the COVID crisis....

Tuesday Apr 07, 2020

Caroline explains how she is dealing with Covid19 in Cape Town on both a mirco and macro level. As a member of the higher education industry, she touches on copyright and how it effects us as we move our teaching online and adopt remote learning. 

Sunday Apr 05, 2020

These Covid conversations with Afro-IP Contributor, Aurelia Schultz, Find out why Aurelia thinks that lockdown is time to be a princess.  

Sunday Apr 05, 2020

These Covid conversations with Afro-IP Contributor, Tony Kakooza, Find out how lockdown has fast tracked electronic registrations and filings in Uganda.   

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